The Immigrant Quotes

[last lines] Bruno Weiss: If you could lick my heart, you'd taste nothing but poison. See, you think there's goodness in everybody, but there isn't. So you go and you forget about me, and you forget about this place. And you forget about those things that I made you do! Because I took everything from you and I gave you nothing! Nothing. 'Cause I'm nothing. [stumbles and falls]
Ewa Cybulska: [hugs him]You are not nothing.

Movie: The Immigrant
Ewa Cybulska: I have gone through so many trials. Has it become a sin for me to try so hard to survive? Aunt... Is it a sin to want to survive when I have done so many bad things?

Movie: The Immigrant
[first lines] Ewa Cybulska: [standing in line at Ellis Island speaking Polish]We're almost there.
Magda Cybulska: [coughing]
Ewa Cybulska: The doctors are looking, try to hold it in. You're just nervous. That brings it on. Try to close your ears and say a prayer, to the Mother of God.
Magda Cybulska: I will.
Ewa Cybulska: We'll find Aunt Edyta soon, and we'll be safe. We'll be together. We'll make our own families, have lots of children.

Movie: The Immigrant
Bruno Weiss: Here's your cut. For your sister. What, you don't like money? You don't want it? I'll keep it.
Ewa Cybulska: I like money. [taking it]
Ewa Cybulska: I don't like you. I hate you. And I hate myself.

Movie: The Immigrant
Another Immigrant: [speaking Polish]You're Polish? We're from Lodz. It's terrible the way they treat us here. Like we are nothing.
Ewa Cybulska: I am not nothing.

Movie: The Immigrant
Orlando the Magician: My mother used to always tell me, God's eye is on every sparrow. You've got a right to be happy, Ewa. At least, that's what I think.

Movie: The Immigrant
Bruno Weiss: [does a step dance]I used to dance on the street as a kid for money. We fastened tin onto our shoes. Things you do to survive...

Movie: The Immigrant
Orlando the Magician: [on stage]So, what do you want here in America?
Ewa Cybulska: I want to be happy.
Orlando the Magician: To be happy...
Heckler: I think you were happy last night, you cheap whore. She's Bruno's best.

Movie: The Immigrant