Love and Honor Quotes

Mickey Wright: There we are, me and Miss Ohio, about a mile high, looking down on all these incredible lights, full moon above us, a crowd of people below.
Sanchez: Yeah, keep goin'...
Mickey Wright: She looks into my eyes and there's this really heavy vibe going on. Next thing I know the sash comes off, she's unzipping her dress, and her hands are all over me - I mean like *all* over.
Burns: That's my boy!
Franklin: I've been on the Ferris wheel back home a thousand times. How come nothing like that ever happened to me?
Mickey Wright: Oh, sure it did. It was your *own* hands all over you.

Movie: Love and Honor
Mickey Wright: [stopped at a light]How's it going, sweetheart?
Coed: [just raises her middle finger]
Mickey Wright: I take it, dinner is out.
Dalton Joiner: Forest should be this next right.
Coed: Go fuck yourself, baby killer.
Mickey Wright: Excuse me?
Dalton Joiner: Let it go.
Mickey Wright: [driving off]What happened to Thank you for your service?

Movie: Love and Honor
Dalton Joiner: Do you ever stop to think before you just let your bullshit fly?
Mickey Wright: No, not really.

Movie: Love and Honor
Dalton Joiner: Hey, stay out of trouble.
Mickey Wright: Where's the fun in that?

Movie: Love and Honor
Mickey Wright: You ever had a C-rat?
Candace: Um, no. I don't, I don't usually eat rats.
Mickey Wright: So you don't drink, you don't get high, and you don't eat rats. You're not very much fun, are you?

Movie: Love and Honor
Mickey Wright: [about war protestors]Don't these people have jobs?
Candace: Well, let's see, go to work, or protest a war? It's not a tough decision.
Mickey Wright: Sure, as long as daddy's paying the bills.

Movie: Love and Honor
Dalton Joiner: [to party gawkers after a fight]All you freaks can go straight to hell! Move!
Mickey Wright: Don't worry. I'll put him back together.

Movie: Love and Honor
Mickey Wright: [after making love]Someone once told me I'd never forget where I was when they landed on the moon.
Candace: Well? And he was right.
Mickey Wright: I couldn't agree more.

Movie: Love and Honor
Mickey Wright: First morning I woke up in Vietnam, I saw these amazing red butterflies everywhere. Just for a moment, I forgot where I was. Sometimes I think we're like them. Moving from place to place, no real plan. At least none that you can see.

Movie: Love and Honor
Dalton Joiner: You know what would be cool? If Neil and Buzz just decided not to come back. That'd be something.
Mickey Wright: Yeah. Neil and Buzz go AWOL. More at 11: 00.
Dalton Joiner: Or better yet, Neil and Buzz desert.
Mickey Wright: Excuse me?
Dalton Joiner: Well, they're right where they've been trying to get all this time. Why go back now?
Mickey Wright: Well, they can't just stay on the moon, Joiner.
Dalton Joiner: No, they can't. But we can.

Movie: Love and Honor
Dalton Joiner: [to Mickey about Candace]It's time to pull the trigger, buddy. Aim for the heart.

Movie: Love and Honor
Candace: I'll go to Canada with you, Mickey.
Mickey Wright: No, no. I'm not gonna do that to you. You stay here. You end this war. That's what you signed on for.

Movie: Love and Honor
Candace: [in her letter]Dear Mickey, Topher just called to tell me you're free. I'm writing this in the cab on the way to the airport, in case I miss you. The truth is, I miss you already. I think I understand now why Juniper never told us about her boyfriend in Vietnam. Because people like me would have given her a hard time. It's funny. I guess I was the one who needed to be enlightened. In our rage to stop this evil war, I think we've forgotten our boys over there aren't the bad guys. They're just trying to survive- guys like Joiner, who risked their lives with every step and guys like Burns, who sacrificed their lives to save their friends. I wish I could have met him so I could thank him for saving you for me. And now you're going back to pick up your radio. Well... I hope you hear this message loud and clear: In a peeling yellow Victorian on Forest, there's a lucky charm girl waiting for you to come home. Love, Candace.

Movie: Love and Honor
[last lines] Mickey Wright: [in his letter]Dear Candace, Here I am, back with the guys. But I'm no longer walking in circles. Now, with every step I take, I'm one step closer to you. On this day, July 24th, 1969, our astronauts are home, having completed man's rendezvous with destiny, being the first to dance on the moon. We stand in awe and can only wonder what lies ahead. Good night and pleasant dreams.

Movie: Love and Honor
[first lines] Reporter: Good morning. In less than 48 hours, man will embark on his first trip to the moon with the hope of landing there. As tensions over the war in Vietnam continue to escalate, the eyes of the world are on Cape Kennedy, where crews are working around the clock to prepare Apollo 11 for launch. After a four-day journey in space, astronauts Neil Armstrong and Buzz Aldrin are scheduled to set foot on the moon's surface, late Sunday night, July 20th, Eastern Daylight Time.

Movie: Love and Honor