The Great Northfield Minnesota Raid Quotes

Boy: Come on, Cole. Take off your shirt so we can see your bullet wounds.
Cole Younger: Oh, hell, ain't no difference from any other man's bullet holes.

Movie: The Great Northfield Minnesota Raid
[Pinkerton detectives have seriously wounded Cole and Jesse and his gang ride off bent on revenge]
Cole Younger: Where's Jesse? Where's Jesse?
Jim Younger: The boys are ridin' again, Cole
Cole Younger: We got an amnesty comin'! I told Jesse he's gonna have to settle with me if he started things up.
Charley Pitts: Don't get up, Cole.
Cole Younger: Got to, Charlie Pitts. Gotta keep gettin' up. 'Cause if you don't some son-of-a-*****'ll start shovelin' dirt on ya.

Movie: The Great Northfield Minnesota Raid
[the Missouri legislature has called a special session to consider giving the James/Young gang members amnesty]
Chief detective: Legislators are here to make laws. We're here to make examples. They're foolish to think that 15 years of criminal behavior can be legislated away. But in the event this amnesty does come into being, we'll already have done our duty. They'll enjoy their amnesty in the hereafter.

Movie: The Great Northfield Minnesota Raid