Bad Company Quotes

Drew Dixon: I resolve never to do a dishonest act, or take part in any thieving, robbing, or false undertaking. I will always keep to the straight and narrow, so help me God. It's still a sunny day.

Movie: Bad Company
Haggard: Woah, are those some sort of super-secret military attack vehicles?
Sweetwater: Yup, real advanced stuff there Hags.
Haggard: That's funny, because they look like golf carts... Sweatwater.

Movie: Bad Company
Nelson Crowe: You and I are forever. I decide when forever ends.

Movie: Bad Company
Seale: Bomb on American soil. That's a nightmare we always talked about. How do you think they got it here?
Gaylord Oaks: You'd be surprised what you can send by air freight.

Movie: Bad Company
[last lines]
Gaylord Oaks: Your wife is calling you, Mr. Hayes.
Julie: Husband...
Gaylord Oaks: Get in the car - bitch.

Movie: Bad Company