The Edge Quotes

Charles Morse: You know, I once read an interesting book which said that, uh, most people lost in the wilds, they, they die of shame.
Stephen: What?
Charles Morse: Yeah, see, they die of shame. What did I do wrong? How could I have gotten myself into this? And so they sit there and they... die. Because they didn't do the one thing that would save their lives.
Robert Green: And what is that, Charles?
Charles Morse: Thinking.

Movie: The Edge
Doug: [Doug chases Kate into the hotel elevator] Kate! Kate! Will you wait a minute?
Kate: Don't! Don't even try it! Just looking at you makes me sick! To think I was coming to apoligize! Lorie Peckarovski!
Doug: Hey, were you, or were you not engaged to be married until last night?
Kate: Hardly the point...
Doug: You threw me out of your room!
Kate: Count your blessings. She may not have waited much longer!
Doug: That's not how it happened!
Kate: Spare me the details.
Doug: Hey, just where do you get off?
Kate: ME?
Doug: This is my fault? From the first day I walked into your rink, you've been treating me like a hired hand! Then one night, you get drunk, and I'm supposed to roll over and thank my lucky stars? Sorry, I don't downshift that fast!
Kate: Get out of my way!
Doug: No problem! I've been practicing that move for a year and a half!
Doug: [Kate runs out of the elevator. People are laughing at them] Blind date...

Movie: The Edge
Doug Dorsey: Great Expectations.
Kate Mosley: Well, it was either that or Curious George Plays Hockey. I took a chance.

Movie: The Edge
Shazzer: What about a wig? They're lawyers aren't they? Lawyers love wigs.

Movie: The Edge
[after successfully fighting a bear]
Charles Morse: For all my life, I've have wanted to do something that was, um, that was unequivocal.
Robert Green: Well, Charlie, I certainly think this qualifies.
Charles Morse: Or something.
Robert Green: See, Charles, that's why they call it personal growth. A month ago, old Smokey here would've reared up, you probably would've called your lawyer!
Charles Morse: Nah, I wouldn't do that to an animal.

Movie: The Edge