Teen Angel Quotes

Abraham Lincoln: My boy, my advice to you is never give up. I lost almost every election I was in, but I didn't give up. I saw the United States fall nearly under, but I didn't give up. Then I was shot in the head... it's pretty difficult not to give up at that point.

Movie: Teen Angel
Angela: Oh, Marty, Marty. I've been doing this a long time, Hon. I know what you must be feeling, but don't you worry. The good have nothing to fear.
Marty DePolo: Uh oh!

Movie: Teen Angel
Announcer: Steve Beauchamp. You've just gone from a total unknown to the top ranked wrestler in the district. How did you do it?
Steve Beauchamp: [takes the mic] Well, I'm afraid I have a confession to make too. I owe all my success to, well, the forces of heaven.
All: Awww.
Steve Beauchamp: No, I'm serious. I had a guardian angel on my side.
All: Awww.
Steve Beauchamp: No, I'm not kidding. He's right there. [He points to Marty who's motioning to him to shut up. Coach takes the mic from him]

Movie: Teen Angel
Jordan Lubell: Your new locker. [opens it for Steve]
Jordan Lubell: Voila, dude.
Steve Beauchamp: Wow.
Jordan Lubell: And every night the janitor leaves a little mint on the top shelf.

Movie: Teen Angel
Marty DePolo: All right, should I help him or shouldn't I? On the one hand, he really wants to do this for himself. On the other hand...
Marty DePolo: ...there's that. [He jumps to his feet]
Marty DePolo: Kyle, by the awesome power of Heaven I give you an invisible wedgy. [He pulls at the air and Kyle falls over clutching his bottom]

Movie: Teen Angel
Steve Beauchamp: No, no, wait a minute. This isn't happening to me.
Marty DePolo: No, no, it's true, check it out! I've got retractable wings! Come on. Feel it.
Steve Beauchamp: Nah, a guy doesn't feel another guy's wings, man.
Marty DePolo: Come on. Get with the times.

Movie: Teen Angel