Tales from the Neverending Story Quotes

Childlike Empress: [weakly] Soon everything will be different...
Xayide: Now that was wishful thinking.

Movie: Tales from the Neverending Story
Fly Girl: Oh, I know what this is about.
Atreyu: [there's a rumble] Did you hear that?
Fly Girl: Don't try to change the subject. But, you know, what happened...
Atreyu: [smiles] Oh yeah, you kissed me.
Fly Girl: Actually, YOU kissed ME. But it's ok, I didn't take it personally.
Atreyu: [surprised] You didn't?
Fly Girl: [shrugs] No. People kiss each other all the time.
Atreyu: Well, not where I come from. Some people would take a kiss like that very seriously.
Fly Girl: [another growl] What was that sound?
Atreyu: [angry] Now who's changing the subject? [starts to walk away]
Fly Girl: Where are you going?
Atreyu: To check if we're in mortal danger; another thing we Woodlanders take seriously!

Movie: Tales from the Neverending Story