Survivor - The Reunion Quotes

Bryant Gumbel: As we begin tonight, I think we can assume now that everyone is familiar with Susan Hawk, Rudy Boesch, Kelly Wiglesworth, and Richard Hatch, all of whom made it to the final four. But since our other castaways spent less time before the camera, some introductions might be in order. You might recall that Sonja Christopher and her ukulele were the first to leave the island, followed... followed in order by B.B. Andersen, attorney Stacey Stillman, biochemist Ramona Gray, our bible-toting, proud virgin Dirk Been, the free-spirited Joel Klug, and Gretchen Cordy. And then there are those castaways who may be more familiar to many of us. They stayed on the island longer and played a critical role as the jury - Greg Buis, the coconut phone man, Jenna Lewis, Gervase Never Nervous Peterson, America's Sweetheart, Colleen Haskell... and the island's resident doctor, the alphabetically-inclined Sean Kenniff.

TV Show: Survivor - The Reunion