Supêsutoraberâzu Quotes

Fujimoto: Hello?
Sudo: Inspector Sudo speaking. You're not the same man. Who are you?
Fujimoto: I'm...Black Cat.
Sudo: Black Cat?
Fujimoto: That's right!
Sudo: Where's the man we spoke to the first time?
Fujimoto: Hayabusa-Jetter is not available.
Sudo: I see. So... Sakamaki is this Hayabusa-Jetter, is he?
Fujimoto: No! He's The Crusher.
Sudo: Crusher? Stop jerking us around! Identify yourselves!
Fujimoto: Listen carefully. We... are the Space Travelers! [long pause]
Sudo: ...weird name. All right. State your demands.

Movie: Supêsutoraberâzu