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Marty O'Reilly: [spoken to Bob to make him understand how much Bob meant to Grace] I know that what's happened has been overwhelming. And I know it's going to take a while to sort it all out. But while you're sorting, I want you to remember that all the times I prayed that Gracie would have a second chance at life, I always knew that if God blessed us, the heart she got would have to be from a very special person, if it were going to be at home in Grace. When she met you, her heart beat truly for the first time. Perhaps it was meant to be with you always.

Movie: Return to Me
Bob Rueland: I miss Elizabeth. I'll always miss her. But I ache for Grace.

Movie: Return to Me
Charlie Johnson: ...How many times do I have to tell you? I don't want no brown bananas!

Movie: Return to Me
Grace Briggs: [after accidentally slapping Bob for brushing her chest] Oh! I'm so sorry! I'm re... oh... Did you see anything?
Bob Rueland: [rubbing his cheek] I wasn't looking.
Grace Briggs: No, no, I know, but it's because I had a heart... I had a heart... I had a heartwarming dream about you.
Bob Rueland: Ugh! Must have a been a nightmare.
Grace Briggs: No. I mean, you were very...
Bob Rueland: Scary?
Grace Briggs: Sexy.
Bob Rueland: [grins] You had a sex dream about me?
Grace Briggs: No! I didn't have... I didn't have a sex dream about you. I just met you, I don't even know you. I'm really... sorry... [kisses Bob]

Movie: Return to Me
Sophie: [to Bob] Oh, hi there. How did you get caught in their net?
Wally Jatczak: Sophie, his wife is dead.
Sophie: Oh! Welcome.

Movie: Return to Me
[Self-conscious about her heart transplant scars, Grace checks her appearance in a mirror]
Angelo: Grace, come on, it's been over a year, you can hardly see it anymore.
Grace Briggs: Nice try, Angelo. I just don't like all the questions, you know?
Marty: You tell everybody you're just the luckiest girl in the world.
Grace Briggs: I know, Grandpa, I know.
Marty: You're beautiful, and no one's going to notice your chest.
Grace Briggs: Thanks a lot.

Movie: Return to Me