Suddenly Susan Quotes

Hollywood Hogan: You know it's people like you that sit around whining about what's wrong with the world that annoy me. Well, I don't whine sister, I kick ass, so what do you think about that?
Susan: I'll tell you what I think about that, I'm gonna bury you.
Hollywood Hogan: What does that mean?
Susan: It means that I'm gonna run against you as supervisor and I'm gonna kick your ass!

TV Show: Suddenly Susan
Mrs Fong: There's a rumor going around the building that you're having a costume party.
Susan: Mrs Fong, how can there be a rumor going around the building when it's just you and I that live here?
Mrs Fong: Okay, let me rephrase that. I put this against the door and heard you on the phone.

TV Show: Suddenly Susan
Susan: Guys, I'm having a craving.
Vicki: You're not having a craving, you're a pig!

TV Show: Suddenly Susan
Todd: I don't want to sit at this desk for the rest of my life trashing bands! I want some other bitter wannabe trashing me!

TV Show: Suddenly Susan
Zack Hayward: God, that moon is huge.
Susan: You can see the moon through the fog?
Zack Hayward: No, I'm talking about the guy flashing me from across the street.

TV Show: Suddenly Susan
[Jack must choose between taking Susan on a date and going to a game]
Jack: Let's see... [takes out a coin]
Susan: You flip that coin, I'll kick your ass.

TV Show: Suddenly Susan