Stupid Quotes

Stanley Stupid: I'm stuck, I'm caught, I'm trapped! Somebody help me out here!
Petunia Stupid: I'm cornered!
Stanley Stupid: That's it, I'm cornered! That's the word I'm looking for.

Movie: Stupid
Joan Stupid: Stanley, you must beware of the Drive B.
Stanley Stupid: What's a Drive B?
Joan Stupid: We don't know, but whatever error you make with it could be fatal.
Stanley Stupid: [notices a bee landing on his steering wheel] What are you doing, you darn bee? Can't you see I'm trying to drive? Oh, my God! The drive bee!

Movie: Stupid
Ron White: They searched Michael Jackson's bedroom and found life-size dolls of little boys, one of them dressed in a Cub Scout suit. Innocent enough, but if they searched my room and found a life-size doll of a woman, everyone would assume I was ****in' it. And they'd be right!

Movie: Stupid
Want it not get it: You want it? Not get it! Wannit, not get it... [continuous]

Movie: Stupid
[while driving to the treehouse with a now wooden Rimshot]
Ernest P. Worrell: What good is a wooden dog? Oh, sure they swim better, but what am I gonna call him, Splinter?

Movie: Stupid