Straw Dogs Quotes

Amy Sumner: David, give Niles to them. That's what they want. They just want him. Give them Niles, David!
David Sumner: They'll beat him to death.
Amy Sumner: I don't care! Get him out!
David Sumner: You really don't care, do you?
Amy Sumner: No, I don't.
David Sumner: No. I care. This is where I live. This is me. I will not allow violence against this house.

Movie: Straw Dogs
David Sumner: You act like you're fourteen years old.
Amy Sumner: I am fourteen years old.
David Sumner: Wanna try for twelve?
Amy Sumner: [Chews gum]
David Sumner: How about eight? I freak out for eight year olds.

Movie: Straw Dogs
[last lines]
Henry Niles: I don't know my way home.
David Sumner: That's okay. I don't either.

Movie: Straw Dogs
David Sumner: Hey Charlie, there is something in the Bible I do believe.
Charlie: Whats that, sir.
David Sumner: Thou shall not covet thy neighbor's wife.
Charlie: I believe in that, too. But what happens when thy neighbor's wife covets you?

Movie: Straw Dogs
Charlie: You want your glasses. Go ahead put 'em on, I want you to see what's coming, David...

Movie: Straw Dogs
Charlie: Son of a bitch got some man in him after all. Alright, lets end this.

Movie: Straw Dogs
David Sumner: Baby. You don't have to learn chess to please me.
Amy Sumner: I'm not learning chess to please you, baby. I'm learning so I can kick your *ass*.

Movie: Straw Dogs
Amy Sumner: Those straw dogs were practically licking my body outside, so...
David Sumner: I applaud their good taste.
Amy Sumner: It's not funny.
David Sumner: We'll, maybe you should wear a bra.

Movie: Straw Dogs
Norman: See there Mr. Sumner, you ain't the only one with a trophy wife. Only difference is, mine's for third place.
Kristen: [very pregnant]Believe it or not, that's the most romantic thing he's ever said. That and, You're what?

Movie: Straw Dogs
David Sumner: Just so you know, somebody broke into our house and killed our cat.
Chris: What makes you think Flutie was killed? Didn't just die.
David Sumner: Well, generally cats don't hang themselves.

Movie: Straw Dogs
David Sumner: [to Amy]Get your daddy's gun and shoot anyone that's not me.

Movie: Straw Dogs
[last lines]David Sumner: I got 'em all.

Movie: Straw Dogs
Amy Sumner: There are five men with guns outside.

Movie: Straw Dogs
Charlie: [first lines... as Norm takes butchering saw to still live deer]Norm. What are you doing, man? Geez.

Movie: Straw Dogs
David Sumner: I'll bet that was your daddy's chair.
Amy Sumner: Every chair was my daddy's chair.

Movie: Straw Dogs
Charlie: You don't think God had anything to do helping the Ruskies?
David Sumner: God?
Charlie: Yeah.
David Sumner: U-u-h... [chuckles]
Charlie: Why is that funny?
David Sumner: That God would help a nation of atheists?
Charlie: He works in mysterious ways.
David Sumner: Most dangerous line ever uttered.

Movie: Straw Dogs