10 Rillington Place Quotes

Beryl Evans: What's that for?
John Reginald Christie: Just a whiff of gas.
Beryl Evans: Gas?
John Reginald Christie: Like at the dentists, take away those little twinges.
Beryl Evans: But that's poisonous isn't it?
John Reginald Christie: Not the way we use it, something we had to learn in the war.

Movie: 10 Rillington Place
John Reginald Christie: I do know people, medical people, who could help you out.
Beryl Evans: But that would cost money, wouldn't it?
John Reginald Christie: Yes, that's true I'm afraid. They're very eminent men. One particularly I had in mind, I used to assist him in his earlier days, studied with him, its quite a simple matter.
Beryl Evans: You mean you know how to do it, Mr Christie?

Movie: 10 Rillington Place
John Reginald Christie: Who are the police going to believe - you or me that was a special constable for ten years?
Timothy John Evans: Me of course, me!
John Reginald Christie: Alright then Tim, well you go to the police and tell them. Alright then, off you go.
Timothy John Evans: Alright I will, they'll have to believe the truth.
John Reginald Christie: Well you go on then, if you're going.

Movie: 10 Rillington Place
Timothy John Evans: I don't know, Mr Christie.
John Reginald Christie: Well, Tim, if you haven't got complete confidence in my abilities?
Timothy John Evans: I trust you, Mr Christie, of course I do.

Movie: 10 Rillington Place
Timothy John Evans: I want to give myself up, I've disposed of my wife.
Det. Inspector: Now wait a minute, do you realise what you're saying?
Timothy John Evans: I know what I'm saying, I can't sleep for it, I want to get it of my chest... she was expecting see and we had one already. Anyhow, I met this fellow in Ipswich, in a caff, he just came up to me and gave me this bottle of stuff. I told her not to take it but she said she was going to anyhow. So I come home from work and there she is - dead, she had the empty bottle besdie her... I didn't know what to do so I got... I didn't know what to do so at 2 in the morning I got her downstairs and I opened the drain outside the front door and I... put her body down the drain... and then I come down here.
Det. Inspector: Do you want to make a statement, in writing?
Timothy John Evans: ...I'll tell you about it and you write it down eh, I'm not all that educated, I don't do any of that reading and writing.

Movie: 10 Rillington Place