Stark Raving Mad Quotes

Ben McGewen: There was this thing on Nova. They discovered a totally isolated clan of people in a remote region of Greenland. They were living in a technologically medieval microculture. The Untladhavns. Yeah, no kidding.
Ben McGewen: And when they sent in this cultural anthropologist he discovered that these people never lied. They didn't even have a word for it.
Ben McGewen: Hm. That's great for them.
Ben McGewen: But I bet you the Untladhavns never found themselves in an alley with Jeffrey the epileptic being held together by an FBI agent only inches away from discovering the robbery that they meticulously planned for six months.
Ben McGewen: So **** the Untladhavns.

TV Show: Stark Raving Mad
Ian Stark: You hugged the world's greatest children's author to death!
Henry: I didn't kill anybody.
Ian Stark: You didn't use a gun or knife but surely, sir, you took his life.

TV Show: Stark Raving Mad
Ian Stark: Good God, Henry! If you'd ever been in the army, your own men woulda held you down and dry-shaved you!

TV Show: Stark Raving Mad
Ian Stark: Hey, you're back! How was your sister's?
Margaret 'Maddie' Keller: Oh, it was great! Her kids are so adorable! I learned everything there is to know about Pokémon, and then on the bus ride home, I locked myself in the bathroom and tied my own tubes.

TV Show: Stark Raving Mad
Ian Stark: She was just lashing out at you for sleeping with Maddie, which she doesn't know you didn't really do. Wait... Yeah, that's right.

TV Show: Stark Raving Mad
Margaret 'Maddie' Keller: Didn't your mother ever comfort you when you were sick?
Henry: Yeah, of course. She was very loving. She used to sing to me over the intercom.

TV Show: Stark Raving Mad