Space - Above and Beyond Quotes

Capt. Shane Vansen: McQueen was born with a ka-bar and a Corps tattoo.
Lt. Paul Wang: Can you imagine if he was anything else? Like a plumber?
Lt. Paul Wang: [imitating McQueen] Okay, listen up. This one's in the kitchen. I'm here to fix your faucet, so check your six. I'm gonna replace the strainer part, and I'm gonna replace the washer. It's gonna be a real knife fight. Now I'm gonna utilize a monkey wrench and perhaps even a plunger. And when I'm done, you'll have water. [McQueen enters]
Lt. Paul Wang: It'll be hot, and it'll be cold. And one more thing. [Wang flips table]
Lt. Paul Wang: It's okay to be scared.
Lt. Paul Wang: [realizes McQueen is standing behind him] Sir, sir, it... It's the greatest form of flattery. Sir.

Movie: Space - Above and Beyond
Gunnery Sergeant Frank Bougus: Until this war is over, the only easy day is yesterday!

Movie: Space - Above and Beyond
Lt. Col. Tyrus Cassius "TC" McQueen: This war wasn't just made for Nathan West!

Movie: Space - Above and Beyond
[a crewmember has banged his guitar]
Commodore Glen Van Ross: Son, I don't think you're going to understand what I have to say. This [the guitar]
Commodore Glen Van Ross: is Rosayln. You damage her, you damage me, and I will make you walk all 12.6 lightyears back to Fat Anthony's Guitar Parlor in Shreveport, Louisiana to repair a single nick.

Movie: Space - Above and Beyond
[Commodore Ross is briefing his pilots about Chiggy Von Richtofen]
Commodore Glen Van Ross: Now hear this, CFB! This is Operation Red Baron! All our plans are on hold until this Chig dies! I want you to go out there, find this bastard, and you pile on!

Movie: Space - Above and Beyond