Sonic Underground Quotes

Manic: Come on bro, we're waiting!
Sonic: How many times do I have to tell ya? That's my line!

Movie: Sonic Underground
Sonia: He's getting cocky again...
Cyrus: That's Sonic!

Movie: Sonic Underground
Sonia: What's keeping you slow mo?
Manic: We're waiiiitiiing!
Sonic: Nice try kids, my that's my line.

Movie: Sonic Underground
Sonic: Juice and Jam time!

Movie: Sonic Underground
[Sonic is the mirror with Sonia and Sonic is telling her the way out]
Sonic: You're not lost Sis! Hop on.
Sonia: You know the way out of here?
Sonic: Trust me!
Sonia: Are you sure?
Sonic: Hey, is Robuttnik around? [Points his finger right]
Sonic: Exit is that way.
Sonic: Hang on to your lunch Sis because we are gonna blast right blast them.
Sonic: [Sonic then takes off in a flash]
Sonic: [Then they get thrown back by a force field and then Sonia gets a funny hair]
Sonic: hahahaha?
Sonia: Is Robuttnik around? Mr. I'm Sure of it!

Movie: Sonic Underground
[Sonic is at a chili dog stand and Sonia and Manic pull up in the van and jump out]
Sonia: Chili dogs now? Sonic we are on an important mission!
Manic: Important Mission? You mean after your hair appointment?
Sonia: I mean my hair appointment! Apperance is important for most people.
Sonic: [Sonic flips a tip to the chili dog machine] I know what you mean. I'm so cool! [Sonic then throws a chili dog in his mouth and eats it]
Sonic: I always look good!

Movie: Sonic Underground