Brother's Keeper Quotes

Porter Waide: My God! What is that smell? It smells like a rotten egg!
Oscar Waide: It could be left over from the Easter Egg hunt we had last Christmas.
Porter Waide: Why would you have an Easter Egg hunt at Christmas?
Bobby Waide: The element of surprise.
Porter Waide: God, it smells like death! It's worse than death. It's like if you cut death open and there was something that really stinks inside. How can you not smell that?
Bobby Waide: Olfactory fatigue.
Porter Waide: Pardon?
Bobby Waide: You know, when you smell something for a really long time, then you can't smell it anymore. It's how the French live with each other. You know who I feel sorry for is Spain, just downwind. Who do you think the bulls are running from?
Porter Waide: This olfactory thing, do they have that for hearing?
Bobby Waide: Don't think so.
Porter Waide: That's too bad.

Movie: Brother's Keeper
[After being told he's "not funny at all]
Porter Waide: I'm funny! Maybe not in a humorous way, but...

TV Show: Brother's Keeper
[After playing Dad for a day to Oscar]
Bobby Waide: That kid eats a looot of taffy.

TV Show: Brother's Keeper
[At a parenting class]
Bobby Waide: There are a lot of babes here...
Porter Waide: [sarcastically] Yes, well, I'm sure they came here to meet you. That's why they came with their husbands.

TV Show: Brother's Keeper