Shattered Glass Quotes

Caitlin Avey: What are you going to do, Chuck, pick us off, one by one? Everybody that was loyal to Mike, so you have a staff that belongs to you? Is that the kind of magazine you want to run?
Chuck Lane: Caitlin, When this thing blows, there isn't going to be a magazine anymore. If you want to make this about Mike, make it about Mike. I don't give a ****. You can resent me, you can hate me, but come Monday morning, we're all going to have to answer for what we let happen here. We're all going to have an apology to make! Jesus Christ! Don't you have any idea how much **** we're about to eat? Every competitor we ever took a shot at, they're going to pounce. And they should. Because we blew it, Caitlin. He handed us fiction after fiction and we printed them all as fact. Just because... we found him entertaining. It's indefensible. Don't you know that?

Movie: Shattered Glass
Stephen Glass: If I were to throw a party where all we did was play "Monopoly," would you guys come?
Caitlin Avey: Could I be the little shoe?
Stephen Glass: Of course.

Movie: Shattered Glass
[repeated line]
Stephen Glass: Are you mad at me?

Movie: Shattered Glass