Keka Quotes

[Mica forces herself into Keka's apartment] [translated from Filipino]
Mica: Who's that?
Francesca 'Keka' Jose: That's Marco. We just ****ed. Want to join us?
Mica: I'll pass. Why is he so pale?
Francesca 'Keka' Jose: Wasted on Heroin.
Mica: Oh. [Goes over to the door, and stops Keka as she is about to close the door]
Mica: Keka, wait. You know what? You shouldn't do drugs because they fry your braincells, and who knows, you might become a psychopathic monster when you get high - ... [Keka closes the door]
Mica: Keka, wait! Keka, no! [Keka closes the door and rolls her eyes]

Movie: Keka