The Forsyte Saga - To Let (mini) Quotes

Jon Forsyte: Do you love him? Really love him?
Fleur Forsyte: What do you think?
Jon Forsyte: It's possible...
Fleur Forsyte: So you believe I can do that? Love you one day body and soul and forget about you the next?
Jon Forsyte: So, if you don't love him, why are you marrying him?
Fleur Forsyte: To get away from home of course! I can't stand my father. Michael's nice, he'll look after me.
Jon Forsyte: Nice isn't enough! A marriage for convenience is terrible!
Fleur Forsyte: What are my alternatives?
Jon Forsyte: You know I still love you!
Fleur Forsyte: How can I know that?
Jon Forsyte: Oh, I think about you every moment of every day!
Fleur Forsyte: Is that why you're here?

Movie: The Forsyte Saga - To Let (mini)
Soames Forsyte: I can't abide foreigners!
Annette Forsyte née Lamotte: Then why did you marry one?

Movie: The Forsyte Saga - To Let (mini)