Shameless Quotes

Fiona Gallagher: You're gonna fake it!
Veronica: Why not?
Fiona Gallagher: You can't
Veronica: Why not? We'll still be married it just won't be legal!

Movie: Shameless
Frank: [Frank wakes up in the snow, having just pissed himself] I didn't think we had a white duvet.

Movie: Shameless
Frank Gallagher: Now, nobody's sayin the Chatsworth Estate is the Garden of Eden, but it's been a good home to us, to me - Frank GALLAGHER - and me kids, who im proud of! 'Cause every single one of them reminds me a little... of me. They can all think for themselves! Which they've me to thank for. Fiona! Who's a massive help. Lip, who's a bit of a gob****e, which is why nobody calls him 'Philip' anymore. Ian - a lot like his mam which is handy for the others 'cause she's disappeared into thin air. And Carl! We daren't let him grow his hair for two reasons; 1, it stands on end and makes him look like Toya and 2, nits love him. Debbie! Sent by God, total angel. You've to check your change, but she'll go miles out of her way to do you a favour. Plus Liam! Gunna be a star! Once we've got the fits under control. Steve; Fiona's boyfriend. The truth is out there... NOT. Fantastic neighbours, Kev and Veronica! Lend you anythin' - well, not anythin'. But all of them to a man... who knows first and formost the most vital necessity is this life is they know how to throw a PARTY! Heh heh... Scatter!

Movie: Shameless
Frank Gallagher: I had to wait 4 hours at A & E 'cause of someone queue hopping! Who cares if he was shot? He shot HIMSELF. Some people are so selfish.

Movie: Shameless
Kev: [talking about places Steve and Fiona could go for their Honeymoon] I recommend Barbados.
Fiona Gallagher: Barbados! Where did you stay?
Kev: No, I've never been, I just recommend Barbados.
Veronica: In that case I recommend Palestine [Kev and Fiona look at her confused]
Veronica: I don't mean Palestine do I? Where did Beverly go?
Fiona Gallagher: Dubai.
Veronica: Dubai!

Movie: Shameless
Norma: You abused her.
Frank Gallagher: She asked me to!
Norma: Walloping her?
Frank Gallagher: What? When?
Sheila Jackson: Frank, you never!
Frank Gallagher: [to Sheila] **** off! [turns to Monica]
Frank Gallagher: When?
Monica Gallagher: That May Bank Holiday.
Frank Gallagher: You hit me in the face with a pan of ****ing porridge!
Monica Gallagher: And you hit me back!
Frank Gallagher: So, Queensbury rules. You broke me nose and two front teeth, up to Casualty looking like Ann ****ing Widdecombe. You started it, you mad *****!

Movie: Shameless