San Francisco Quotes

Chance: This is the city. Only the strong survive.
Sassy: Oh, then you're a goner.

Movie: San Francisco
Chance: I'm lost in the city with an optimistic dog and a sarcastic kitty.

Movie: San Francisco
Chance: I wasn't scared. I wasn't scared one wee little... [pees]
Chance: ... bit.

Movie: San Francisco
Inspector Steve Keller: [Bringing Beverley's "trick book" to Stone] There's gotta be over 200 names in this thing.
Detective Lt. Mike Stone: Anybody we know?
Inspector Steve Keller: [Chuckling] I always thought you were a voyeur.
Detective Lt. Mike Stone: I find out what that means, you can be back driving a black-and-white again.

Movie: San Francisco
Mary Blake: I'm going to stay.
Father Mullin: That's right. You're in probably the wickedest, most corrupt city, most Godless city in America. Sometimes it frightens me. I wonder what the end's going to be. But nothing can harm you if you don't allow it to because nothing in the world, no one in the world, is all bad.

Movie: San Francisco