Poor Little Rich Girl Quotes

Barbara Barry: You know, Daddy, this house wouldn't be so lonesome if you'd stay home once in awhile.
Richard Barry: If I stayed home all the time, there wouldn't be any house.

Movie: Poor Little Rich Girl
Jimmy Dolan: Listen, darling, tell us the truth. Do you know Mr. Barry?
Barbara Barry: You won't be angry if I tell you?
Jerry Dolan: No, sweetheart.
Barbara Barry: Mr. Barry's my daddy!
Jerry Dolan: Didn't I tell you she didn't jump out of a hat? There's only one thing to do. Take her back to the apartment, telephone Barry where she is, and then duck.

Movie: Poor Little Rich Girl
Jimmy Dolan: Now, listen, sweetheart, remember, you're Bonnie Dolan, the radio star. Don't use your real name around here. Don't even think about it. Just forget that you're Betsy Weir.
Barbara Barry: Are we playing a game?
Jimmy Dolan: That's right. Will you play along with us?
Barbara Barry: I like games.
Jerry Dolan: Now, don't forget, Betsy.
Barbara Barry: The name's Bonnie Dolan.

Movie: Poor Little Rich Girl
Margaret Allen: It seems I can't go anywhere or doing anything with Barry making trouble for me. I hate that man! He causes me more sleepless nights.
Richard Barry: Sleepless nights? What does he do, play his trombone under your window or something?
Margaret Allen: Everything but that. I lay awake half the night thinking up new ideas, and in the morning I find out Barry's not only beaten me to them, he's topped me in a thousand ways. I wish he'd drown in his own soap suds. But I shouldn't be boring you with my troubles.
Richard Barry: That's all right. You in this business?
Margaret Allen: Yes, I'm with the Peck Company. Advertising.
Richard Barry: I see. I'm sorry you dislike this fellow Barry, though. He's really not a bad sort.
Margaret Allen: Oh, you know him?
Richard Barry: Slightly. My barber cuts his hair. Perhaps I could bribe him to cut his throat.
Dan Ward: Oh, Mr. Barry, do you think she would do?
Richard Barry: Let me see. Yes, she'll do very nicely.
Dan Ward: Thank you, Mr. Barry. That's just what I thought.
Margaret Allen: Well, of all the nerve! Letting me talk my head off without even telling me! Just another example of Barry's cleverness, I suppose!
Dan Ward: What was she burning about?
Richard Barry: I keep her awake nights.

Movie: Poor Little Rich Girl
Richard Barry: Boss or no boss, how about a date for lunch?
Margaret Allen: Oh, I couldn't possibly...
Richard Barry: Oh, be a sport. You're even with me now, aren't you?
Margaret Allen: I'm ahead of you.
Richard Barry: When will it be?
Margaret Allen: Oh, Friday at one?
Richard Barry: Fine, at the Savoy?
Radio Station Receptionist: Say, Margaret, isn't he one of our competitors?
Margaret Allen: As far as I'm concerned, he has no competition.

Movie: Poor Little Rich Girl