Return of the Secaucus 7 Quotes

Norman: [looks around at the 7 people sitting in the police station when he arrives] You people together?
J.T.: Uh-huh. We're in for, uh... What do you call deer murder?
Jeff Andrews: Bambicide.
J.T.: Right. Bambicide, right. And conspiracy to deprive a furry woodland creature of its civil rights.
Norman: Jacking deer, eh?
J.T.: What's your beef?
Norman: Drunk.
J.T.: [sarcastic] No!
Norman: Drunk. Second time this week. Drunk.
Jeff Andrews: Is that a crime?
Norman: Tourist season, it is. Rest of the year you can lay out on the sidewalks for all they care.

Movie: Return of the Secaucus 7
Ron Desjardins: [rings the bell on the hotel desk to wake up Howie] Me and the missus just drove in from Peoria and the guy at the filling station says...
Howie: Jesus, Ron.
Ron Desjardins: - these are the finest accomodations in town.
Frances Carlson: Hi.
Howie: Hi. Look, Ron, we only got two rooms left.
Ron Desjardins: Me and the missus don't need but one. As long as it's got them Magic Fingers in there. It drives the missus wild, them thangs.
Howie: And you gotta be quiet.
Ron Desjardins: [serious, pulling the notebook toward himself] Where do we register?
Howie: [closing the notebook on Ron's fingers] 203.
Howie: [he holds the key out to Frances] See if you can make him behave, okay?
Ron Desjardins: [Ron grabs the key first] Have room service send up a tub of goose grease and two bottles of Moxie. [he winks at Howie]
Frances Carlson: Ron!

Movie: Return of the Secaucus 7