Ready When You Are Mr. McGill Quotes

[after repeatedly cocking-up his one and only line, Joe McGill pleads for just one more take]
Joe McGill: Phil! Mr Parish. Sir. Couldn't we give it another go? I've read the whole script. It's a scene of prime importance to the understanding of it.
Phil Parish: Why didn't you get it right, then?
Joe McGill: We've had to do it over and over, all day.
Phil Parish: That's what you're paid for.
Joe McGill: We're not machines. We're not cameras.
Phil Parish: You had *one* line to do, Mr McGill. One! And you couldn't.
Joe McGill: It was the thirteenth take.
Phil Parish: All the more reason.
Joe McGill: I did the others OK. One or two of them were *your*... Not your...
Phil Parish: Do you know why you couldn't do it? Because you're no good. And that's why you're an extra. A stupid lousy extra. Useless old bugger.
Gilbert Dean: [trying to placate Phil] Yeah, OK, Phil.
Phil Parish: [to Gilbert] OK? He's living proof of what you say about actors. Always. Non-stop.
Gilbert Dean: Yeah. Enough, though. No need to upset him.
Phil Parish: No? So which matters most? Sparing his feelings or saving the bloody the film? Him, or your script that took you months to write, as you're always telling us? And him two minutes to kill stone dead. Which matters most?
Joe McGill: You don't know me. You know nothing about me. Whether I'm stupid or no good or anything. You've only met me today. I've had thousands of days before today. I might be a very interesting person, for all you know. I might have been acting since before you left

TV Show: Ready When You Are Mr. McGill