Raze Quotes

Teresa: What do you suppose would happen if... if we just decided not to fight each other?
Cody: I don't know. Probably come down here and shoot us both?
Teresa: [Contemplates Cody's answer]How's your mother?

Movie: Raze
Sabrina: Do you understand... why they have us here? Do you have any children?
Isabelle: No.
Sabrina: Then I'm really sorry they have your husband. That's how they make us fight. If you don't fight, they'll kill him. If you lose, they'll kill him.
Isabelle: Who are you fighting for?

Movie: Raze
Sabrina: [Sabrina watching the monitor]Hit her, Cody, c'mon! [Cody punches Marisa's face, then Marisa flips Cody]
Sabrina: Get her off you! [Cody flips Marisa]
Sabrina: Good girl, good girl. [Cody gets Marisa in a headlock between her legs]
Sabrina: That's it. Yes, yes. Fight it! Push your hips out, push your hips out. Now squeeze. Squeeze. Squeeze, baby, squeeze! C'mon. Hold it, Cody, hold it!

Movie: Raze
Joseph: [Announcing the new opponent]Let us look at an initiate who could be the daughter of Sacmius herself. The violence she has endured, the pain she has suffered, Sabrina, the one to watch. Who could have expected the sheer efficiency of her most recent kill? It is to be expected; to be honored. Let us guide Sabrina into her final battle facing one who we have freshly reaped! Yes, a replacement. Now, its true the final fight against a newly-plucked initiate is unprecedented, but no more surprising than the worthiness of this new adversary. Isabelle Toss, a former collegiate athlete, who earned a full athletic scholarship to Northwestern. Now she spends her time operating a gym that she owns with her husband, and trains in Brazilian jiu jitsu. Exciting! The victor of this singular contest will be our champion!
Sabrina: I'm Sabrina.
Isabelle: Figured.

Movie: Raze
Sammy: So I gotta ask. What do you really do for a living?
Jamie: What you mean?
Sammy: [disbelieving]Your profile says you do medical claims. You don't really do medical claims.
Jamie: [frowns]
Sammy: [staggered]You really do medical claims?
Jamie: [laughs]Yeah, I really do!
Sammy: [Notices her discomfort]What? C'mon. No judgment.
Jamie: Ok, fine. I sort of... I used to want to be a professional kickboxer. I take classes now...
Sammy: Kickboxing?
Jamie: Yeah, I know. It's lame. It's...
Sammy: That's amazing. The sport of the future...

Movie: Raze
Nancy: None of this makes any sense. We have to figure out what their reasoning is. If we can figure out their reasoning then... then we could talk to them.

Movie: Raze