Parkland Quotes

Roy Kellerman: It's the first time that the secret service has lost a president under its watch.

Movie: Parkland
Lem Johns: Where are we putting the coffin?
Col. James Swindal: I don't know. I never thought about it.
Lem Johns: We're not flying it below like a piece of luggage.

Movie: Parkland
Emory Roberts: The only place we know we're safe is Washington. We gotta get on that plane, we gotta get in th air.
Rufus Youngblood: What if President Kennedy needs the airplane?
Emory Roberts: President Kennedy will not need the airplane.

Movie: Parkland
Dr. Malcolm Perry: [working on Oswald]We might get to keep this one.
Dr. Malcolm Perry: Do we want to?
Forrest Sorrels: We need a confession.
Nurse Doris Nelson: What if he dies?
Forrest Sorrels: We need a confession first.
Dr. Malcolm Perry: Don't we all...

Movie: Parkland
[first lines] Title Card: On November 22, 1963, John Fitzgerald Kennedy, the 35th President of the United States, made a political trip to Dallas, Texas with his wife, Jacqueline, and Vice President Lyndon B. Johnson.
Title Card: Less than an hour after landing in Dallas, Kennedy was assassinated.
Title Card: This story is based on the true events that took place on that day, and the three that followed.

Movie: Parkland
Earl Rose: [Lee Harvey Oswald has just died]He's staying here.
Dr. Charles 'Jim' Carrico: This time I don't think anyone's going to be giving you a hard time.

Movie: Parkland
[repeated line] Abraham Zapruder: Oh my God! They killed him!

Movie: Parkland
Roy Kellerman: The president is coming with us.

Movie: Parkland
Dallas Police Detective: [to Robert Oswald]If I were you, I'd consider changing my name. I'd pray I never needed the help of the Dallas Police Department or the federal government again. I'd pack your things and your wife and those two children of yours, and I'd move as far from here as I could. I'd never come back, even to die. But that's just me.

Movie: Parkland
Roy Kellerman: The President is coming with us.
Earl Rose: You can't take him. We have laws here in Texas.
Roy Kellerman: The law can be waived.
Earl Rose: Not by me. I can't do it.
Dr. Kemp Clark: Earl, let him go.
Roy Kellerman: Do you have any idea... any idea how difficult this has been for Mrs. Kennedy?
Earl Rose: I deal with widows everyday! The remains will stay here.
Roy Kellerman: I don't think so. The remains... What did you call it, your body? The hell with you, and the hell with your law.

Movie: Parkland
Gordon Shanklin: This might be, probably is, now that I think about it, the biggest fuck-up in the history of American law enforcement.

Movie: Parkland
Marguerite Oswald: I am responsible for two presidents.
Robert Oswald: I'm sorry?
Marguerite Oswald: Kennedy and now President Johnson. I'm not even a Democrat.

Movie: Parkland
Forrest Sorrels: [to agent after viewing film of Kennedy being shot]That wasn't a damn Easter parade!... That's the President of the United States!...

Movie: Parkland