Raise Your Voice Quotes

Francis Fletcher: [Terri has just woken up from a brief coma] Oh, thank God!
Terri Fletcher: Paul?
Francis Fletcher: No... [begins to sob]

Movie: Raise Your Voice
Jay Corgan: My music became like a religion. It kept me sane.

Movie: Raise Your Voice
Jay Corgan: People change Robin, I'm not the same person I was last summer and neither are you.

Movie: Raise Your Voice
Sloane: [Upon meeting Jay, Kiwi, and Terri in the lobby for a double date obviously overdressed] Damnit!

Movie: Raise Your Voice
Terri Fletcher: Hi! I'm sorry I came in, but I heard you playing and you're really good! I'm Terri. [pause, no response from Sloane]
Terri Fletcher: Your name?
Sloane: Sloane.
Terri Fletcher: Oh... kay... [pauses]
Terri Fletcher: Okay so there's this guy named Kiwi who's a little weird but he kind of has a crush on you and he's really really sweet and he just wants to get to know you.
Sloane: Kiwi is a weird name.

Movie: Raise Your Voice
[after he tripped Terri]
Engelbert 'Kiwi' Wilson: I should really learn to stand.

Movie: Raise Your Voice