Banlieue 13 Quotes

"Leïto: [encountering Yeti] Taha left us a present
Damien: Well let's go and unwrap it then

Movie: Banlieue 13
Damien: But it will kill millions.
Taha: Ah, but they should have thought of that when they made it, for example, eh?

Movie: Banlieue 13
Gunman: You're now broke? You can't pay us no more? [aims his gun at Taha]
Taha: [Taha tries to fire his gun but is out of bullets] [His last defiant lines]
Taha: Bunch of slimy mother****ers [His own followers proceed to riddle him with multiple gunshots as he pretends to fire on them with his hands]

Movie: Banlieue 13