Rainbow Six (VG) Quotes

Narrator: The year is 1999, the Cold War has been over for more then a decade and for the first time in nearly half a century the world is free from the spectre of nuclear apocolypse. It should be a time of peace and prosperity but the ambers of old anamosities have been fumed into flames by the winds freedom. Terrorism in the 21st century is an international industry. Money and expertise flow freely throughout the global computer nets and every type of weapon imaginable is avalible in the black market of the third world. It has become harder and harder for individual security forces to combat this threat for the safety of their people. What's needed is an organization with the manpower and the athority to combat terrorism wherever it flourishes. It would be comprised of the best and the brightest counter-terrorism experts from every country and armed with state of the art weapons and equipment. It would operate in complete secrecy, its existance known only to the most senior government officials. It would attack swiftly and silently, cutting off the head of the viper before it had a chance to strike. Such an organization already exists. Its codename is RAINBOW.

Movie: Rainbow Six (VG)