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Gov. Jack Stanton: [handing Picker the scandalous information concerning his dealings with Reyes] This is the only copy left. I want you to have it because it might help you to know what someone else may find. I shouldn't have looked for it. I'm really sorry.
Gov. Fred Picker: ****in' cocaine. You know, I was really so successful at everything I did. Business, politics, hell, I could handle anything... except cocaine. Only I didn't know that because of cocaine. That's what really ****ed up my marriage. It wasn't anything else. And... [pause]
Gov. Fred Picker: I did go to bed with 'Renzo once or twice. Hell, it was just a coke thing. I could do anything, so I did that too. [pause]
Gov. Fred Picker: I'm seeing a really nice woman now... I suppose I have to tell her. [voice breaking]
Gov. Fred Picker: Hell of a price to pay, isn't it?
Gov. Jack Stanton: Well, maybe no one will find out.
Gov. Fred Picker: Well, you did... in a day. I should never have said yes to Mrs. Harris. But I liked what Harris was doing, and I thought I'd give it a week, and it just took off. Once I did that blood thing, God...
Gov. Jack Stanton: [interrupting] ... but that was great politics.
Gov. Fred Picker: Yeah... amazing, wasn't it? Jack, I'd like to thank you for coming here, the honorable way you have. I was wrong to stay in. I just hope that maybe when I quit, they won't hit it as hard. And my boys, I really don't want them to know about 'Renzo. The problem is, the bottom line is, I'm going to be a national joke... and I'm going to have to explain it all to my boys... either way. Because no matter what I do, the press is still going to find out the rest of it, aren't they?
Gov. Jac

Movie: Primary Colors
Jack Stanton: [about the cellphone] You wouldn't have found it if I hadn't thrown it out the car!

Movie: Primary Colors
[on the fealty of political bosses]
Richard Jemmons: That's what these guys do. They love you and then stop lovin' you.

Movie: Primary Colors