Phoenix Quotes

Griffin: [after phoenix rejected his invitation for a date] Don't flatter yourself Phoenix. My life is a little bit complicated right now, you may not know this about me but I only get bold about every 5 years.

TV Show: Phoenix
Lew Moran: If you marched a hundred and six miles by the stars and your calculations were just one per cent out, you could pass the Eiffel Tower in daylight and never even see it.

TV Show: Phoenix
Harry Potter: Are you alright? I heard Umbridge gave you a rough time the other day.
Cho Chang: Yeah, I'm alright. Anyway, it's worth it. It's just... learning all this makes me wonder, if he'd known it...
Harry Potter: Cedric did know this stuff. He was really good. It's just, Voldemort was better.
Cho Chang: You're a really good teacher, Harry. I've never been able to stun anything before. [looks up]
Cho Chang: Mistletoe.
Harry Potter: Probably filled with Nargles, though.
Cho Chang: What are Nargles?
Harry Potter: No idea. [they kiss]

TV Show: Phoenix
Hermione Granger: [Harry walks in, Hermione runs to him and hugs him] Oh, Harry! [pause, she lets go]
Hermione Granger: Are you all right? We overheard them talking about the dementor attack. You must tell us everything.
Ron Weasley: Let the man breathe, Hermione.
Hermione Granger: And this hearing at the Ministry. It's just outrageous! I've looked it up, they simply can't expel you. It's completely unfair!
Harry Potter: There's a lot of that going around, Hermione. So what is this place?
Ron Weasley: Headquarters.
Hermione Granger: Of the Order of the Phoenix. It's a secret society. Dumbledore formed it back when they first fought You-Know-Who.
Harry Potter: You couldn't have put this in a letter, I suppose. I've gone all summer without a scrap of news.
Ron Weasley: We wanted to tell you, mate. Really, we did. Only...
Harry Potter: Only what?
Hermione Granger: Only Dumbledore made us swear that we wouldn't tell you anything.
Harry Potter: [pause] Dumbledore said that? But why would he want to keep me in the dark? Maybe I could help. After all, I'm the one who saw Voldemort return, I'm the one who fought him, I'm the one who saw Cedric Diggory get killed!

TV Show: Phoenix
[first lines] Lene Winter: [arriving at the border]
Soldat an der Br³cke: Passport... Nice car. Where did you get it from?
Lene Winter: It's from Switzerland.
Soldat an der Br³cke: Just like you?
Lene Winter: Like me.
Soldat an der Br³cke: [whistles to the gate]They're from Switzerland. The girl too. [to her passenger]
Soldat an der Br³cke: I want to see your face.
Lene Winter: Can I talk to you? [gets out]
Lene Winter: Come on, she's not Eva Braun.
Soldat an der Br³cke: Of course not. The bitch got killed by her husband.
Lene Winter: She's from the camps.

Movie: Phoenix
Nelly Lenz: I no longer exist.

Movie: Phoenix