Candleshoe Quotes

Casey Brown: [far too posh] Teddy and Piggywig!

Movie: Candleshoe
Casey Brown: You're a hustler.
Harry Bundage: A what?
Casey Brown: A hustler. A con man. I can smell 'em a mile away.
Harry Bundage: You take care your smeller don't end up where your ears oughta be!

Movie: Candleshoe
Lady St. Edmund: So, after you left, we examined the fireplace. There was a loose stone...
Casey Brown: You're kiddin'?
Lady St. Edmund: And there was something hidden in the canopy behind it. [takes out a small, shiny box from behind her back]
Lady St. Edmund: Do you recognize this?
Casey Brown: No.
Lady St. Edmund: Look closer, dear. Are you sure you've never seen it? It's very important!
Casey Brown: No. No. Although... [begins to whistle the first notes of a tune, then opens the box, which turns out to be a music box that completes the melody]
Casey Brown: Uh, I don't understand...
Lady St. Edmund: Oh, my dear. Oh, my dear!... Welcome to Candleshoe! [embraces Casey, crying]

Movie: Candleshoe
Priory: Now Cluny you've already met.
Casey Brown: Yeah, right, I met Cluny.
Priory: Over here, struggling with the churn, is Peter.
Casey Brown: Hi.
Peter: Hello, welcome to Candleshoe.
Priory: This is Anna.
Bobby: [From above] Hey, somebody catch! [He tosses a jar. Casey catches it]
Peter: Hey, well held!
Priory: [Bobby slides down the column into the kitchen] The acrobatic member of the family is Bobby.

Movie: Candleshoe