Adult World Quotes

Amy: How about a little advice before I depart?
Rat Billings: Love... love until you hate. Then learn to hate your love. Then forgive your hate for loving it.

Movie: Adult World
Rat Billings: How do you feel about failure?
Amy: I failed many times.
Rat Billings: That's good. Continue to fail. If you want to make art, you have to fail. And so, the hardest job is to fail better.

Movie: Adult World
Rubia: Whose the dead girl on the wall?
Amy: Sylvia.
Rubia: Oh how she die?
Amy: She stuck her head in the oven.
Rubia: Oh that's bananas

Movie: Adult World
Amy: I just wanna smash your head open and take everything in there.

Movie: Adult World
Rat Billings: The SATs don't mean shit, that's like believing in scientology

Movie: Adult World
Amy: As long as I'm not boring.
Alex: You're not boring. You're a weirdo.You are not normal. And it's inspiring. It's cool.
Amy: Thanks.
Alex: You're welcome.

Movie: Adult World
Rubia: 'Forever is composed of nows.' Emily Dickinson, bitch.

Movie: Adult World
Amy: Sh**. Sh**. Sh**. Mother. Sh**.

Movie: Adult World
Amy: I need a drink!
Rat Billings: Holy mother of god.
Amy: Make it a stiff one, buster, and make it snappy.

Movie: Adult World
Amy: I don't know if you noticed. I put some of my poems in the basket.
Rat Billings: That's great. I'll read those... at some point.

Movie: Adult World