Our Little Girl Quotes

Dr. Donald Middleton: I didn't particularly care for that farewell speech you just made to Brent!
Elsa Middleton: Don, don't say anything you're going to be sorry for.

Movie: Our Little Girl
Dr. Donald Middleton: Did you and Mommy get into any mischief while I was gone?
Molly Middleton: No, I haven't thought of any good mischief, and Mommy's been too busy riding.

Movie: Our Little Girl
Dr. Donald Middleton: Finishing your dinner off the mantelpiece?
Elsa Middleton: I'm not as ancient and decrepit as you thought, is that what you mean?
Dr. Donald Middleton: How'd your old riding outfit work this morning?
Elsa Middleton: I can just squeeze into it, thank you kindly. You know, Don, I wish you'd go riding with me, or... or something.
Dr. Donald Middleton: Me riding would be something.

Movie: Our Little Girl