One Night with the King Quotes

Queen Esther: [on the balcony, watching the feast] They go to fetch the Queen. She must be lovely, reigning in a place such as this.
Jesse: None is more lovely then you, my queen. [kissing her hand]
Queen Esther: My thanks, fair prince.
Jesse: Prince?... Why is it for years you threaten to join the caravan for Jerusalem, yet you never do? What holds you back?
Queen Esther: [forlorn] Perhaps the courage to face it alone.
Jesse: [aspirant] What if you had someone to join you?

Movie: One Night with the King
Queen Esther: Perhaps, instead of asking questions of our trials, our trials are ment to ask questions of ourselves.

Movie: One Night with the King
Father of Esther: [first lines - narration] From whence comes the purpose of a person's life? Coming by chance? A casting of the lot? Or does a call of destiny beckon to each of us? Many have wondered about my little Hadassah, and why a simple Jewish orphan was chosen to stand against the annihilation of her people. And yet the mystery of the girl most know as Esther, begins not where one might think, but 500 years earlier, with a single act of disobedience.
Father of Esther: King Saul of the Israelites had been sent by the prophet Samuel to wipe out an ancient child-sacrificing enemy. So pervasive was their evil that not even their oxen or their sheep were to be spared. And above all, no survivors left breathing.

Movie: One Night with the King
Jesse: [catching Esther as she runs in the street] Looking for someone?
Queen Esther: I'm fine. Thank you. You can run back to Rebecca now.
Jesse: [inquiring] Oh, I'm sure you're fine. Tell me Hadassah or who ever you are, how do you intend to get into the palace?
Queen Esther: [relieved] You didn't come to take me back?
Jesse: [laughing with her] Come or I shall you, Hadassah the mouse!

Movie: One Night with the King
King Xerxes: [Xerxes is returning from the training camp, having been gone for quite some time] Have you had a busy morning?
Queen Esther: Not as busy as it could get.

Movie: One Night with the King
Queen Esther: Please God. Look upon us with favor and turn this dungeon into someplace wonderful.
Queen Candidate: Is this the dungeon or someplace wonderful...

Movie: One Night with the King