Annie Quotes

Annie Oakley: [calling after Frank as he's walking away] Hey, mister...? Don't you like girls?
Frank Butler: [not comprehendeding the question] Well... sure!
Annie Oakley: [realizing it herself] I'm a girl.
Frank Butler: [laughing condescendingly as he walks away] That's fine.

Movie: Annie
FDR: I want to feed them and house them and pay them. Not much, but enough to send home to their parents. So they can hold their heads up again and be proud to be Americans.
Annie: That's a swell idea.
Daddy Warbucks: It isn't a swell idea Annie. It's mistaken foolishness.

Movie: Annie
Grace: The swimming pool is down the stairs.
Annie: Inside the house? Oh boy.
Grace: The tennis court is in the rear.
Annie: I never even picked up a racket.
Grace: What? Have an instructor here at noon. And get that Don Budge fellow if he's available.
Annie: I Think I'm Gonna Like It Here.

Movie: Annie
Grace: Annie, how would you like to spend a week with Mr. Warbucks at his house?
Annie: Oh boy! I would love to. I would really, really love to.

Movie: Annie
Lily: Ms. Lily St. Regis. I was named after the hotel.
Miss Hannigan: Which floor?

TV Show: Annie
President Franklin D. Roosevelt: Annie, I have some news for you. Oliver. [He shakes Oliver's hand]
President Franklin D. Roosevelt: The FBI was able to trace your parents to a David and Margaret Bennett.
Annie: You mean the Bennetts are my real parents? Where are they?
Oliver 'Daddy' Warbucks: Annie, I'm sorry. It seems that they passed away some time ago.
Annie: So, I really am an orphan. [She walks away and Grace follows her]
Miss Grace Farrell: Annie, are you alright?
Annie: [Annie turns around] Yeah, I think so. See, I always knew that parents loved me and that they would come back for me someday. If they were alive. [She has a teardrop in her eye and Grace hugs her]
Annie: I guess you have to look at the bright side. At least I'm not a Mudge.

TV Show: Annie
Rooster: Oh sir. We are just so thrilled to have found Annie. We don't need any money.
Daddy Warbucks: I'll take it back.
Lily: Of course, we are poor people. It would help us a lot. We could buy her milk, a warm blanket.
Daddy Warbucks: Put it in your pocket, Mrs. Mudge.

Movie: Annie
[In California]
Annie Hall: It's so clean out here.
Alvy Singer: That's because they don't throw their garbage away, they turn it into television shows.

Movie: Annie
Hannigan: Like me on Facebook...
Will Stacks: I don't like you in Harlem, why would I like you on Facebook?

Movie: Annie
Will Stacks: Why are you running?
Annie: It gets me to places quicker.

Movie: Annie
Will Stacks: Sometimes what you're looking for, is right in front of your face.

Movie: Annie
Will Stacks: See, you gotta play the cards that you've been dealt. No matter how bad the cards are.
Annie: What if you don't have *any* cards.
Will Stacks: Then you bluff.

Movie: Annie
Hannigan: [obnoxiously]You know, she's such an angel. We don't inherit the Earth, we borrow it from our children.

Movie: Annie
Annie: Are you lactose-intolerant?
Will Stacks: I'm kid-intolerant.

Movie: Annie
Annie: [to Stacks]You gotta learn to stop spitting. You're not a camel.

Movie: Annie
Annie: [over her neighborhood in helicopter]This is *my* New York City.
Will Stacks: Where'd you live?
Annie: Everywhere.

Movie: Annie
Annie: I can't believe I'm here. I'm in a dress that feels like a cloud. I'm standing in the middle of a giant cinnamon roll. [looking up at Guggenheim Museum]

Movie: Annie
Hannigan: There have been worse politicians than him.
Guy: I know. And I got them elected.

Movie: Annie
[last lines] Guy in Bar: Keep singing and dancing like that, there's no way he was ever gonna win.

Movie: Annie
Annie: Where are we?
Will Stacks: Queens.
Annie: Do I need my passport?

Movie: Annie
Will Stacks: What? I can feel you smiling with those Britisher-than-thou lips.

Movie: Annie
unknown reporter: Annie, what are you going to name it?
Will Stacks: She's like a hurricane.
Annie: Sandy. Her name's going to be Sandy.

Movie: Annie