Oh! Susanna Quotes

Seto Kaiba: [after Chazz defeats his brother in a duel for ownership of the school] Of course he won. Did you really think I would give Duel Academy to those two? They have a lot to learn about world domination.

Movie: Oh! Susanna
Superintendent: It's a country station, rather off the beaten track.
William Porter: Oh, I don't mind, as long as it's near the railway.

Movie: Oh! Susanna
William Porter: [going into danger, reassuringly] I'm behind yer.
Jeremiah Harbottle: Do you want to go in front?
William Porter: No, I can see all right from here.

Movie: Oh! Susanna
Yami: Yu-Gi-Oh: The Abridged Series. According to Wikipedia, we don't exist.

Movie: Oh! Susanna
Yami: I just realized what the G stands for in Yu-Gi-Oh GX: Don't watch it.

Movie: Oh! Susanna
[William Porter is wheel-tapping a train]
Managing director's wife: You may think me a little stupid but why do they tap them?
William Porter: Well, you see madam, it's like this. If I tap the wheel with this hammer and the wheel goes clang, then I know that the wheel's there.
Managing director: But supposing that the wheel doesn't go clang?
William Porter: Well, then I know that the train's gone!

Movie: Oh! Susanna