I Want You Quotes

Abby Morrison: Now you listen to me, I am not gonna leave you for him ok?
Sy: You promise?
Abby Morrison: Mm hmm.
Sy: Then prove it.

Movie: I Want You
Dr. Bernardo: In here I have twenty scouts. I want to measure your respiration when they gang-bang you.

Movie: I Want You
Jimmy Page: Technically, he was the best singer that had appeared probably in - I'm not being too liberal about this - if I say, in two decades.

Movie: I Want You
Quinn Andrews: Cal what are you doing?
Calvin Dillwaller: Fixing your car.
Quinn Andrews: But my car's not broken.
Calvin Dillwaller: Oh. [pause]
Calvin Dillwaller: You should go to Abby's.
Quinn Andrews: Am I gunna walk?
Calvin Dillwaller: Well your car's kinda broken!

Movie: I Want You
Thomas Greer: [about being a soldier] Now remember, if you can move it, pick it up. If you can't move it, paint it. And if it moves by itself, salute it.

Movie: I Want You