Ocean Girl Quotes

Agent Elly Hauser: So, the Red Virus is already ravaging your Ocean Planet? And your people are convinced that the only way to escape is by migrating to Earth?
Ilona: But Malakat says the human race will fight us off. That if we wish to live here, we will have to make war with the Earth people, and turn them into slaves.
Ilona's Mother: If only more of us knew humans are not the warlike monsters Malakat says. If only they believed we could come to you in peace in their haearts. Our people don't want war any more than you do.
Agent Elly Hauser: I understand.
Ilona: But I'm afraid the damage is done.

TV Show: Ocean Girl
Brett Bates: Benny, it's not healthy to study all the time. What about having fun?
Benny Malcovitch: My dad says there'll be plenty of time for that in the future.
Brett Bates: What's the point? By then you'll be too old to enjoy it.

TV Show: Ocean Girl
Brett Bates: None of the divers were badly hurt, they reckon. They just can't figure out what happened.
Jason Bates: Well, they dropped their grenade and Neri just gave it back to them.
Brett Bates: That's right. [Jason and Brett turn a corner and stop in front of Dr. Hellegren]
Dr. Hellegren: I have been waiting for you two. Let me just give you a message you would be very wise to heed. You have both caused me a good deal of trouble in the past. But we are on ORCA permanently now. And if you get in my way again, believe me, you will regret it.

TV Show: Ocean Girl
Dr. Dianne Bates: Look, I know you don't know me very well and, well, this must all seem very confusing, but I think I know what you're going through. You feel like a stranger, don't you? You see, Brett, Jason and I, when we first came to ORCA, that's how we felt.
Mera: At least you still got to sleep in proper beds. And eat proper food.
Dr. Dianne Bates: You're right. I mean, it did take a while to get used to it, but, I mean, one day, the island will feel like home to you.
Mera: The island's Neri's home. It's not mine.
Dr. Dianne Bates: You know what? You might be more like your sister than you think. I'm sure with a little time it'll get better.
Mera: I used to think that about life on the mainland. It never did.
Dr. Dianne Bates: Oh, well, that's because you were someone called Jane Seaforth, someone who didn't even exist.
Mera: Right now, I don't know who I am. Where I belong.

TV Show: Ocean Girl
Dr. Winston Seth: Jason, there's an old Japanese saying. "The carp smiles at the surface, for he has seen the wonders below."
Jason Bates: What does that mean?
Dr. Winston Seth: How would I know? I'm from India. [laughs]

TV Show: Ocean Girl
Dr. Winston Seth: H.E.L.E.N., what does your analysis show?
H.E.L.E.N.: The biological makeup is very interesting, Winston. Although the virus has elements of our DNA and RNA, it did not originate on Earth.
Dr. Dianne Bates: Where did it come from, then?
H.E.L.E.N.: Unknown.
Dr. Dianne Bates: How fast is it spreading?
H.E.L.E.N.: Very rapidly, Commander. But only underwater. It has no airborne transmission capability. It's replicating process is achieved by converting oxygen into ammonia.
Dr. Winston Seth: Which is deadly to all lifeforms.
Dr. Dianne Bates: Including humans.
H.E.L.E.N.: I'm afraid you've hit the nail on the head.
Dr. Dianne Bates: Is there any way of stopping this virus?
H.E.L.E.N.: Nothing that is known to our science.
Dr. Dianne Bates: And if it's left untreated?
H.E.L.E.N.: With prevailing currents, all Earth oceans will be irretrievably poisoned within two months.

TV Show: Ocean Girl