Brainscan Quotes

Dr. Fromberg: What was that you were watching, Mr. Brower?
Michael: Death, Death, Death...
Dr. Fromberg: 'Death, Death, Death...
Michael: ...Part 2
Dr. Fromberg: Oh my god. Tell me Michael, why do you watch these films?
Michael: Really?
Dr. Fromberg: Yes, I want to understand.
Michael: Well, it's kind of an escape.
Dr. Fromberg: An escape. Like lighting up a marijuana cigarette and escaping the real world? Like watching a pornographic sex film, getting an erection and raping someone?
Michael: I don't think erections rape people, people rape people.

Movie: Brainscan
[Micheal hugs Kyle]
Kyle: Watch out for my lucky charms! They're magically delicious! Hahaha!

Movie: Brainscan