Svensson Svensson Quotes

Gustav Svensson: [while checking out the channels on the TV] Well look at this! Cartoons!
Göran: Oh, that's one of those kid channels. They're showing cartoons 24 hours a day.
Gustav Svensson: Oh, my God. How are you supposed to keep awake?

Movie: Svensson Svensson
Gustav Svensson: (Watching tv and realise that isn't the usual christmas presenter). Vad är det där för jävla stolpskott? Var är Arne Weise?

Movie: Svensson Svensson
Lina Svensson: [after hearing that her father saw her and a boy at the cinema] Dad, are you spying on us?
Gustav Svensson: I think spy is such an ugly word I prefer to call it supervise.

Movie: Svensson Svensson
Max Svensson: [while selling mayflowers] Okay, sis, how many mayflowers do you want?
Lina Svensson: How much do they cost?
Max Svensson: Five kronor each.
Gustav Svensson: Five? When I bought you sold them for ten. Why does she only have to pay half-price?
Max Svensson: She's much harder to fool then you!

Movie: Svensson Svensson