Nine to Five Quotes

Doralee: That's just great! We just waltz into the hospital and say, We're sorry, we made a mistake. Well, maybe they'll give us Hart's body in exchange!
Violet: There is no need to get sarcastic!

TV Show: Nine to Five
Doralee: What do you mean mistress?
Violet: Oh, just come off it, Doralee. The whole company knows you two are having an affair.
Doralee: Who's been saying we're having an affair?
Violet: [pointing at Hart] Who's been saying it? He has.

TV Show: Nine to Five
Doralee: Well, I say we hire a couple'a wranglers to go upstairs and beat the **** out of him.

TV Show: Nine to Five
Judy: [the girls have stolen the wrong body from the hospital] Oh, this is terrible. It's so improper. It's so disrespectful!
Violet: He's dead! He doesn't mind!

TV Show: Nine to Five
Violet: He wants to prosecute.
Doralee: Well why wouldn't he? He's got you for poisoning him, and me for roping him, and *YOU* for acting like he was first prize at a turkey shoot!

TV Show: Nine to Five