All Commercials... A Steve Martin Special Quotes

You-Know Spokeswoman: Ladies, there is now a product on the shelves that does away with that embarrassing... you know. It gives a girl confidence when her... you-know-what... needs a... you know. Whenever she sees the first tell-tale signs of... whatever... You Know. It's easy to... you know. You just... you know. It comes in eight exciting flavors, and now it comes in three wonderful new scents, that smell like Pine, Evergreen, and new Natural, which smells like... you know. You Know comes in decorator boxes, so now you needn't worry if your You Know is left out on the coffee table when you-know-who comes over for you-know-what. New You Know. The one product for everything that's wrong with women.

TV Show: All Commercials... A Steve Martin Special