New Kids on the Block - No More Games Live! Quotes

Donnie Wahlberg: [riding up on his motorcycle, opening lines] Man, I'm late, I'm late, Dick, don't be mad that I'm late! I'm sorry, I'm late! [gets off motorcycle]
Donnie Wahlberg: But that's okay, 'cause this is live TV, and if I wanna be late, I can be late, that's okay. 'Cause tonight, it's me, ya host, Donnie Wahlberg for da New Kids On The Block No More Games Pay-Per-View special, live, in ya house. And I got my co-host, and Old English from the Northside Boys, these are my co-hosts for tha night, check it out! Now, listen, we know you've see Pay-Per-View before. You've seen Phil Collins and Madonna; you've seen all them people on Pay-Per-View. But I tell ya what, tonight it's different. This is the New Kids and all ya people out there sittin' at home sayin', "I ain't gonna watch tha New Kids." Ya neva seen us before, ya might as well call up the cable company and check it out, 'cause ya got ya sister's watchin' it, ya girlfriend's watchin' it, you might as well check it out too. 'Cause then you'll find out what you been so mad about for the last three years. But anyway, tonight we're live, not only in Providence, which is where we are, Providence, right next to Massachusetts, twenty minute drive, just came down on mah Harley, my hands are freezin' but that's okay 'cause it's gonna be a great concert. Anyway, we're in New York, Philadelphia, California, everywhere, all around the world tonight, worldwide on Pay-Per-View cable. [makes a funny face at the camera]
Donnie Wahlberg: Anyway, we got a great show lined up for you. It's not the same show as Magic Summer, it's not Hangin' Tough Live! on your videotape, this is live. Not Memorex, so squash all them rumors that you been hearin', this is live, in the flesh, New Kids On The Block and we're comin' right to your livin' room tonight on Pay-Per-View cable so check it out!

TV Show: New Kids on the Block - No More Games Live!