A Little Night Music Quotes

Desiree Armfeldt: [Frederik has just finished telling Desiree about his wife, who is still a virgin after eleven months of marriage] A virgin?
Frederik Egerman: A virgin.
Desiree Armfeldt: Eleven months.
Frederik Egerman: Eleven... months.
Desiree Armfeldt: No wonder you dreamed of me!
Frederik Egerman: Well, at least it was you I dreamed of, which would indicate a kind of retroactive fidelity, doesn't it?
Desiree Armfeldt: At least!
Frederik Egerman: Desiree... would it seem insensitive if I were to ask you... [he stops himself]
Frederik Egerman: I can't say it.
Desiree Armfeldt: Say it, darling.
Frederik Egerman: Would you...? [he gestures to the bedroom]
Desiree Armfeldt: Of course. What are old friends for?

TV Show: A Little Night Music
Fredrika Arnfeldt: [watching her grandmother play solitaire] If you cheated a little, it would come out.
Madame Arnfeldt: Solitaire is the only thing in life that demands absolute honesty.

TV Show: A Little Night Music