Midsomer Murders Quotes

DCI Tom Barnaby: [they have just turned uphill at a T-junction] Stop, Troy, stop. We go down the hill, Troy.
Sergeant Gavin Troy: I thought we were going to Upper Warden.
DCI Tom Barnaby: Yeah, we are. [points to signpost]
DCI Tom Barnaby: Upper Warden is down the hill; Lower Warden is up the hill
Sergeant Gavin Troy: That doesn't make any sense.
DCI Tom Barnaby: Troy, this is Midsomer.
Sergeant Gavin Troy: Sorry. I forgot.

Movie: Midsomer Murders
Frank Webster: [seeing Barnaby approach] Here comes the Bogeyman!

Movie: Midsomer Murders
Mike Spicer: You go right to hell!
Murderer: I think you'll be getting there somewhat ahead of me.

Movie: Midsomer Murders
Sergeant Troy: How the other half live, eh?
D.C.I. Barnaby: Rather less than half, I'd say, Troy.

Movie: Midsomer Murders
[talking about alternative medicine and its remedies]
Scott: People pay for stuff like that?
Barnaby: Things you buy from a proper chemist - they're just a purified version.
Scott: Oh sure. Doctor, it's my throat. Never mind, madam. Suck a frog three times a day after meals.

Movie: Midsomer Murders
[Barnaby and Sergeant Scott are looking at a brutally slain murder victim]
DCI Tom Barnaby: By the way, welcome to Midsomer!

Movie: Midsomer Murders