Rude Awakening Quotes

Billie Frank: [shouting at Dave] That is what you do with the drink! You drink it! You can't eat it: nothing to chew! Can't wear it: no straps! Can't smoke it: wet! Drinks are meant to be drunk, much like myself! That's the familiar face: isn't that Billie Frank, the drunk?
Joe: And the slut.
Billie Frank: Right!

Movie: Rude Awakening
Billie Frank: Mom, with you in A.A., are you sure it's a good idea to *drink*?
Trudy Frank: Don't be ridiculous darling, it's always a good idea to drink.

Movie: Rude Awakening
Billie Frank: [on the phone with an actor] What do you mean you won't bite the heart? The name of the film is "Zombie Heart Eaters"! You know what? Bite it or bite me!

Movie: Rude Awakening
Billie: If I had known this praying crap actually worked, I would have started it long time ago. Next time I think I'll pray for a Porsche. You want anything?
Dave: I don't think you're supposed to pray for the things that you want.
Billie: What am I supposed to pray for, the things I don't want? Next time I'll pray for... herpes.
Dave: No, you pray for the strength to accept God's will.
Billie: You pray your way and I pray mine, okay?

Movie: Rude Awakening
Sidney Gibson: [about the new web page Billie's supposed to take care of] Are we on the internet yet?
Billie Frank: Didn't you hear the internet's closed today?

Movie: Rude Awakening
Sidney Gibson: Look, I like you.
Billie: [pleasantly surprised] Oh.
Sidney Gibson: No, I don't. The point is: everything I've got is tied up in this company and I can't afford to carry any deadweight.
Billie: I'm not deadweight, I'm a lightweight! I mean, look, I know this company. I know where everything is... kind of, and... can't you please just give me a chance?
Sidney Gibson: Alright, alright, I'll let you stay for the day.
Billie: Yes!
Sidney Gibson: Well, get me a cup of coffee!
Billie: [over-motivated] Coffee, okay! I'm gonna get *you* a cup of coffee! [lowering her voice]
Billie: If only I knew were it was I would do that.

Movie: Rude Awakening