Midnight Son Quotes

Rita: So, you going to tell me how much you liked it?

Movie: Midnight Son
[repeated line]Marcus: Eveybody got their thing man!
Marcus: Let's see what santa's got in his bag
Marcus: He's dry... [reveals his burns]
Marcus: I'm not so pretty anymore [shows his bite mark]
Marcus: I've got you to thank for that
Marcus: You know at first i was pissed at you... nothing like waking up in the middle of nowhere with half your face on fire.

Movie: Midnight Son
Marcus: You leaving me here?
Jacob: Relax... it'll be over soon [last lines]

Movie: Midnight Son
[last lines]Detective Ginslegh: You wanted me to arrest you didn't you? Stand up you piece of shit [last lines]
Mary: [telepathically]Do It!

Movie: Midnight Son
Russell: Marcus man... I don't want to do this... come on man... this is too much... we gotta stop

Movie: Midnight Son
Marcus: You know too many of my secrets boy... you better change your tune... or we gonna have a problem!
Marcus: You know i was really pissed off at you man... there is nothing worse than waking up in the middle of nowhere with half your face on fire! But i got over it... once i got my first taste... i got over it real fast
Marcus: You know you got to drop the morales kid... you ain't gonna survive with that over you
Marcus: [on jacob's vampirism]You're probably damned anyway
Marcus: [Standing on a nightime bridge with jacob overlooking the oncoming traffic below]Look At Them All! You think they're happy? Most of them are probably staring at those tail lights in front of them... wondering what the hell it's all about... why they're here! Man i saw it everyday at that hospital... a part of me wanted to help... but there was nothing in it for me... and now there is!

Movie: Midnight Son